Our rebuilding efforts to meet the changing healthcare needs of our community aren’t limited to a new medical center. In addition to the new UM Laurel Medical Center, we are constructing a Health and Wellness Campus! We are working to create a premier healthcare campus offering comprehensive patient-centered, outpatient medical services and wellness programs that aid in disease prevention and management to meet the needs of Prince George’s County and surrounding areas.

The development of the campus will take place in phases starting with the new UM LMC, new medical office building and other medically-oriented services and ending with the expansion to include other commercial and retail options. The first phase of the campus development project is expected to be completed by summer of 2021.


UM Capital Region Health Laurel Health and Wellness Campus Layout

 New UM LMC Emergency Entrance

 UM Laurel Medical Center Emergency Entrance


New Medical Office Building



 Community and Retail Space



Community and Public Access Space 


If you are interested in tracking our progress, we invite you to sign-up for our UM Capital Region Health Laurel Health and Wellness Campus development updates.

For more information on leasing space in the Medical Office Building contact: Jacquelyn Ball, Catalyst Healthcare Real Estate jball@catalysthre.com or call (708) 975-3329.