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Vascular Technologists Review Sonogram

The diagnosis of almost all major vascular problems can be quickly and easily established with what we call, “non-invasive vascular testing” in our vascular laboratory. There, skilled and experienced technologists perform ultrasound scans that are painless and risk free. These seemingly simple tests provide highly sophisticated diagnostic information to allow our staff to identify the precise source of the problem, as well as its severity and the possible need for treatment.

More than just diagnosis. Vascular ultrasound tests can also be used to:

  • Monitor the status of the condition
  • Confirm the success of treatment
  • Prevent late complications

Many people have mild or moderate vascular disease that may be successfully managed with medical treatments alone. Regular check-ups in the vascular lab allow us to be certain that the problem is not worsening.

Patients who need surgical or endovascular treatments can have the success of those treatments measured almost immediately without risk or discomfort.

Patients having treatments for serious vascular problems become “patients for life” and we use the vascular lab tests to promote their lifelong vascular health

The James R. Walker Vascular Laboratory is conveniently located in the Vascular Center on the first floor of University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center. The vascular lab is a part of our patient care facility and if the patient has an appointment to be seen by one of our physicians or medical staff, tests will be performed immediately prior to the outpatient visit and available for our doctors and nurses to review.

Physicians from all specialties also use the Vascular Center vascular lab to evaluate their patients. If the patient’s primary care physician or specialist is on the UM BWMC medical staff, or is located in the area, the patient may have their test performed in the lab. The tests are reviewed daily by our board certified vascular specialist physicians and results will be available to the physician within 24 hours.

For more information or to make an appointment with The Vascular Center at UM BWMC, call 410-553-8300.