Spine Surgeons Dr. Liang, Dr. Solomon and Dr. Bethel

Our specialists at the UM BWMC Spine and Neuroscience Center use minimally invasive techniques and pain management therapies to provide comprehensive spine care. Our experts include spinal surgeons, neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, physiatrists, surgical hospitalists, physical therapists and nurse practitioners to coordinate the most advanced and modern treatments currently available. The center offers:

  • A multidisciplinary plan that evaluates and considers all treatment options before a surgical decision is made
  • Fellowship-trained and board-certified orthopaedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and specialty-trained pain practitioners
  • Download our free guide to relieving neck and back pain imageSurgical treatment for spinal deformities, disorders and conditions, including degenerative disc disease, sciatica, disc herniation, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, myelopathies, tumors and fractures
  • Minimally invasive techniques to treat spine disorders, including balloon kyphoplasty, facet fusions, microdiscectomy and interspinous process spacers
  • Non-operative techniques to treat spinal conditions and disorders, including physical therapy, pain management options and more
  • Dedicated nurse practitioners and surgical hospitalists who coordinate inpatient care and support services
  • Patient education for continued success at home

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