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This procedure takes a picture of the blood flowing through the arteries in your heart to help us determine if there are blockages in the arteries. Cardiac catheterization also allows us to see if the heart muscle is working appropriately. Pressure measurements evaluate the function of the heart muscle and the heart valves. This information will determine the best way to treat your heart condition.

When a blockage is found, it can often be fixed using angioplasty (balloon) or by placing a stent in the artery to help prevent the blockage from recurring. 

Our cardiac catheterization lab has received multiple awards for treating patients with acute heart attacks. Dr. Ratnaker Mukherjee, the medical director of cardiac catheterization at the University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center, specializes in interventional cardiology. 

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To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call 410-768-0919 or 410-760-5100.

Testing is available Monday–Friday. 

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