The Brocket Family

Thank You for the work you do. No matter what your role here is at UM BWMC your personal dedication sends a powerful message to the community.

"There are too many to thank." A letter from grateful patient

I had gone about my day as a loving husband and father of three amazing boys, when, late that night, I got the worst headache of my life, accompanied by disturbances in my vision and hearing. By the next morning, with my condition worsening, I was admitted to the Emergency Room at UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center. The quick response and attention of the Emergency Room providers was second to none, and I will never forget the confidence I felt, knowing I was being cared for by the best of the best. Testing revealed a cyst directly in the center of my brain – a cyst that was causing fluid to build–up in my brain.

My condition required emergency brain surgery, risky under any circumstances, but made more complex when the surgeons also discovered a small bleed. I have no doubt that the UM BWMC neurosurgery team saved my life.

During my recovery, I developed a serious case of pneumonia.  I remember lying in my bed in the Critical Care Unit, struggling to breathe and placing my continued trust in the compassionate, top-notch providers who were caring for me, pulling for me, and refusing to surrender.

I owe my deepest gratitude to my family, friends, and community who helped me through this frightening time. But most of all, I owe my life to the Neurosurgery and Critical Care teams at UM BWMC. Without the dedication and exceptional care of the people in these two units, I would not be here today.

Please join me in making a gift to the BWMC Foundation. Together, we can ensure that the UM BWMC staff and facilities continue to deliver the same unparalleled care I so gratefully received. Thanks to gifts from the community, the BWMC Foundation is able to support programs, services, technology and infrastructure upgrades that keep UM BWMC at the forefront of healthcare.

Thank you in advance for investing in the success of our local hospital and the health of our community.

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- Warren Brockett

Warren Brocket Grateful Patient