Dear Neighbors,

During these unprecedented times, the team at the University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center is rising to the challenge and carrying out our critical mission of providing the highest quality care to our community. Our entire workforce is banding together through this pandemic with a calm resolve, courage and determination.

The circumstances may have dramatically changed, but our mission is stronger than ever. Your support is making this possible. While we have always enjoyed a strong relationship with our community, your outpouring of support has been truly extraordinary.

From well-wishes and messages; to donations of equipment, supplies, food and personal items; to monetary donations; to first responder parades; to offers of discounted and free services — we are profoundly grateful for the abundance of support from across the region.

To date, we have received over 10,000 meal donations, some 16,000 face masks, more than 5,000 face shields, 56,000 gloves, 3,500 candy bars, 1,100 Easter lilies, 2,500 snack bags and so many other donations to provide our health care heroes care and sustenance during these trying times. We have also received hundreds of appreciation cards for staff and over 1,000 handmade cards for our patients.

Your kind words and generous donations have buoyed our resolve, lifted our spirits and reminded us why being a health care provider is a true privilege. It has been heartwarming to know that while we have always had our community’s back, you have our back as well. We are truly grateful for your support.

On behalf of the entire workforce and medical staff of UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center, thank you!

Be well and stay safe,

 Kathy McCollum

Kathy McCollum
President and CEO
UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center