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Narcan (used with permission from Adapt Pharma).

The UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center is offering free opioid overdose response training with a free Narcan kit, the FDA-approved emergency nasal spray treatment, to community members who are 16 years old and older.

During the training participants will learn:

  • Signs and symptoms of an opioid overdose
  • How to administer Narcan nasal spray
  • Overdose prevention tips
  • Local resources for treatment and recovery services, family support and Good Samaritan Laws

Register Today

Opioid response trainings are held several times per month. Registration is required as class size is limited. Upon completion of the training, each participant will receive a Narcan kit containing two doses of nasal spray, a pocket face shield, gloves and a resource guide for assistance with substance abuse treatment. Classes are held at BW Health Services located at 7556 Teague Road, Suite 440, Hanover, MD 21076.

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