The Workplace Violence Prevention Committee at UM BWMC was established in 2014 to discuss ways to protect employees and how to respond appropriately to workplace violence. The committee has developed many initiatives aimed to keep employees, patients and visitors safe. These include:

  • Hosting active assailant response training in partnership with the Anne Arundel County Police Department, and regularly participating in regional disaster drills.
  • Training employees in nonviolent crisis intervention.
  • Installing panic alarms throughout the medical center.
  • Using a mobile app that quickly connects employees with our security team.
  • Implementing a Behavioral Contracts Policy to ensure visitors do not disrupt patient care.
  • Using a violence checklist tool to help employees assess and predict if an individual is likely to become violent, and how to prevent it.
  • Installing trauma kits throughout the medical campus that can be accessed in a disaster event if someone experiences uncontrolled bleeding.
  • Providing counseling to employees who have been victims of assault.
  • Providing 24/7 peer support through a Resilience in Stressful Events (RISE) Program for employees.
  • Prohibiting the possession of firearms and weapons by anyone other than duly authorized law enforcement officers.

UM BWMC has a zero tolerance policy for disruptive behavior, and you can help. If you see something during your visit or hospital stay, say something. You can call or text our security team at 410-271-2022.