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Supply Chain Phone List

Name Title Ext. Fax Email
UMMS Supply Chain Management 410-328-6127
Kane, Gary Vice President,
Supply Chain Management
410-328-7557 gkane@umm.edu
1. UMMS System Contracting 410-328-6127
Arizaga, Joe Contracts Manager,
Purchased Services
410-328-0210 jarizaga@umm.edu
Bates, Vikky Director, System Contracting 410-328-8694 vbates@umm.edu
Obi, Ifeoma Contracts Manager,
Clinical Pharmacy
410-328-4361 iejiogu@umm.edu
Mohr, Kermin Contracts Analyst, System Contracting 410-328-4342 kmohr1@umm.edu
Peragallo, Debbie Administrative Assistant,
System Contracting
410-328-7593 dperagallo@umm.edu
Pitruzzella, Gerry Contracts Manager,
Medical / Surgical
410-328-2121 gpitruzzella@umm.edu
Reichard, Tyler Associate Contracts Manager, Pharmacy 410-328-9404 treichard@umm.edu
Rider, Barry Senior Contracts Manager,
Purchased Services and I.T.
410-328-7739 brider@umm.edu
Rippin, Tina Contract Specialist,
Medical / Surgical
410-328-9632 trippin@umm.edu
Rottmann, Karen Senior Contracts Manager,
Physician Preference
410-328-4586 krottmann1@umm.edu
Shuster, Matthew Senior Contracts Manager,
410-328-5135 mshuster@umm.edu
Silvestri, Michele Assistant to Vice President of
Supply Chain Management
410-328-2785 msilvestri@umm.edu
Smith, Jennifer Contract Specialist, Perioperative 410-328-6355 jsmith@umm.edu
Soares, Mina Contracts Manager, Purchased Services 410-328-1946 msoares@umm.edu
Williams, Michele Sr. Contracts Manager,
Support Services/ MWBE
Program Manager
410-328-8993 mwilliams@umm.edu
2. UMMS Clinical Capital Contracting
Abate, Tessa Director,
Clinical Capital Contracting
410-328-8693 tabate@umm.edu
Barton, Kevin Contracts Specialist, Lab 410-328-3585 kbarton1@umm.edu
Klugh, Angela Contracts Specialist, Capital Equipment 410-328-4386 aklugh@umm.edu
Lee, Jacqueline Contracts Specialist,
Capital Equipment
410-328-4861 jlee@umm.edu
Lehmann, Kim Contracts Manager,
Capital Equipment
410-328-1924 klehmann@umm.edu
Marshall, Patrice Contracts Specialist,
Capital Equipment
410-328-4508 pmarshall@umm.edu
Ravera, Alessandro Stan Contracts Manager, Facilities Construction Contracting 410-328-6492 410-328-0380 sravera@umm.edu
3. UMMS Supply Chain Operations 410-328-6105
Bland, Beverly The Audit Group Analyst 410-328-4007 bbland@umm.edu
Breganza, Pete Master Item File Specialist 410-328-4681 pbreganza@umm.edu
Campbell, Pamela Master Item File Specialist 410-328-8684 pcampbell@umm.edu
Hill, Tom Director, Data Integrity 410-328-7683 thill3@umm.edu
Jacob, Juvin Contracts Analyst,
Master Items File
410-328-4113 jjacob3@umm.edu
Miller, Leslie MMIS Manager 410-328-1708 lmiller@umm.edu
Noel, Doreen Master Item File Specialist 410-328-4359 dnoel@umm.edu
Rice, TyJuan Master Item File Specialist 410-328-1629 trice2@umm.edu
Sagal, Valerie Master Item File Specialist 410-328-2783 vsagal@umm.edu
Todd, Joyce Master Item File Specialist 410-328-4008 jtodd@umm.edu
Winns, Rodney The Audit Group Heathcare Consultant 410-328-9427 rodneyw@theauditgroup.com
Wright, Jo Ann Trainer,
Supply Chain Operations
410-328-6277 jwright@umm.edu
Yingling, Britt Director,
Supply Chain Operations
410-328-8419 byingling@umm.edu
4. UMMS Central Procurement & Customer Service 410-328-6105
Customer Service Line 410-328-3184 umms_supply_chain_CST_srv
Barbosa, Maria Buyer/Cell Phone Supply Coordinator 410-328-1146 mbarbosa@umm.edu
Bell, Darlene Buyer 410-328-8524 dbell@umm.edu
Christian, Quintina Procurement Coordinator 410-328-4009 qchristian@umm.edu
Yingling, Britt Interim Director,
Procurement & Customer Service
410-328-8419 byingling@umm.edu
Fogleman, Jennifer Buyer 410-328-4963 jfogleman@umm.edu
Fuller, Debra Jo Buyer 410-328-5480 dfuller@umm.edu
Harris, Ruth Buyer 410-328-1231 rharris@umm.edu
Marinelli, Martha Supervisor/Buyer 410-328-7762 mmarinelli@umm.edu
McDaniel, Stacy Buyer 410-328-4006 smcdaniel@umm.edu
Pazdersky, John Buyer 410-328-4005 jpazdersky@umm.edu
Regimbal, Alisha Buyer 410-328-4100 aregimbal@umm.edu
Seay, Delnora Buyer 410-328-4825 dseay@umm.edu
Taylor, Betty Buyer 410-328-4004 btaylor3@umm.edu
Wainwright, Perry Buyer 410-328-5833 pwainwright@umm.edu
Wyrick, Christina Buyer 410-328-4003 cwyrick@umm.edu
5. UMMS Performance Consulting 410-328-6127
Bigelow, Brandon Contracts Analyst, Performance Consulting 410-328-9414 bbigelow1@umm.edu
Johnson, Shemeika Contracts Analyst, Performance Consulting 410-328-6521 sjohnson16@umm.edu
King, Joshua Contracts Analyst, Performance Consulting 410-328-5073 jking10@umm.edu
Martin, Justin Performance Consultant 410-328-1387 jmartin2@umm.edu
Neverosky, Mark Contracts Analyst, Performance Consulting 410-328-5073 mneverosky@umm.edu
Ray, Julie Intermin Director, Performance Consulting 410-328-4584 jray2@umm.edu
Sypniewski, Babette Clinical Consultant, Performance Consulting 410-328-5018 nsypniewski@umm.edu
6. UMMS Materials Management
Johnson, Al UMMS Director, System Materials Management 410-328-8682 410-328-6105 ajohnson13@umm.edu
McCoy, Ray UM BWMC, Director,
Materials Management
410-787-4417 410-595-1980 rmccoy@bwmc.umms.org
Robertson, Jim UM Shore Health Medical Center at Easton, Director, Materials Management 410-822-1000
410-822-7369 jrobertson@shoreheath.org

Affiliate Hospitals Phone Fax Email
Choiniere, Denise Director,
Logistics & Materials Management,
University of Maryland Medical Center
410-328-2009 410-328-2182 dchoiniere@umm.edu
Cress, Lauri Director, Facility Services & Materials Management, UM Charles Regional Medical Center 301-609-4453 301-609-4478 lauri.cress@civista.org
Difatta, Chris Acting Director, Materials Management,
UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown
Hart, Sterling Director, Materials Management,
UMMC Midtown Campus
410-225-8113 410-462-3358 shart@marylandgeneral.org
Higinbothom, Joe Director, Materials Management,
Upper Chesapeake
443-643-1754 jhiginbothom@uchs.org
Vacant Director, Materials Management,
Fort Washington Medical Center
Lopez, Juan Supervisor, Materials Management
UM Rehabilitation & Orthopaedic Institute
410-448-6707 410-448-6734 jlopez1@kernan.umm.edu
Maddock, Jim Director, Materials Management,
Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital
410-578-5330 410-542-2467 jmaddock@mwph.org
McCoy, Ray Director, Materials Management,
UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center
410-787-4417 410-595-1980 rmccoy@bwmc.umms.org
Robertson, Jim Director of Materials Management,
Shore Health
410-822-1000 x5540 410-822-7369 jrobertson@shorehealth.org
Vizzard, Patrick Director of Supply Chain Management,
Patient Escort Services,
University of Maryland -
St. Joseph Medical Center
410-337-4586 410-427-2135 patrickvizzard@umm.edu
UMMC Materials Management
Hardy, Sandra Administrative Assistant,
Materials Management
410-328-5340 410-328-2182 shardy@umm.edu
Raimondo, Domonic Receiving and Postal Manager 410-328-2655 410-328-0583 draimondo@umm.edu
Ricks, Paul Main Distribution Center Manager 410-328-6372 410-328-5542 pricks@umm.edu
Wyatt, Rodney Peri-Op Distribution Center Manager 410-328-3227 410-328-9836 rwyatt@umm.edu
Owens & Minor Pager/Cell
Jones, Jeff Account Specialist, Owens & Minor 443-960-0459 410-328-5442 410-328-2182 jeffjones@owens-minor.com
Miller, Sandie Pandac Analyst, Owens & Minor Cell:
410-328-7572 410-328-2182 sandie.miller@owens-minor.com
Petsche, Erica Account Specialist, Owens & Minor 410-279-2061 410-328-1226 410-328-2182 erica.petsche@owens-minor.com
Turmelle, Matt Sr. Account Executive, Owens & Minor 443-643-8635 410-328-5342 401-865-7747 matt.turmelle@owens-minor.com
Tyler, Susan Account Executive, Owens & Minor 443-608-7940 410-865-7700 301-497-9740 susan.tyler@owens-minor.com
University Healthcare Consortium Pager/Cell Voice Mail
Stevens, Jennifer Account Executive
UHC - On Site Support
Supply Chain Services
312-848-6500 410-328-8901   jstevens2@umm.edu

Mailing Address

University of Maryland Medical System
250 W. Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Suite 1210
Fax 410-328-6127
Supply Chain Management
System Contracting
Clinical Capital Contracting
Performance Consulting

Suite 200
Customer Service Line 410-328-3184
Fax 410-328-6105
Supply Chain Operations
Central Procurement & Customer Service

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